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Feeling Curious? Want to experience the joy and fun of DSSPORTS courses? Now you have the chance! We offer a one time free trial to anyone who is interested in our programs. Please fill in the form below to join us.

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好奇想體驗DSSPORTS課程的樂趣? 機會來了!


I hereby confirm, acknowledge and understand that all information relating to my child(ren), including but not limited to his/her/their videos, photographs, images and/or pictures may be used by DSSPORTS for all future marketing material, including, but not limited to print advertisements, television advertisements, website or internet related advertisements of whatsoever nature, and further confirm and acknowledge that neither my child(ren) nor myself nor my spouse nor guardian shall be entitled to any proceeds whatsoever derived therefrom or to any interest therein. The information provided in the enrolment form by the applicants is true and correct and the applicants are eligible for the training according to the rules set by the Organizer. I understand that if false information is provided, we will be immediately disqualified with all the results cancelled. Enrolment fee will not be refunded. The applicants agree to comply with all the rules set by the Organizer. The applicant is healthy and physically fit to participate in the above competition. DSSPORTS shall not be liable for any injuries or death which the applicant may sustain in the training due to their own negligence, ill health or poor physical condition.